Get Maximum Health Benefits from Your Protein Shake

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A protein shake can help you build muscle, improve overall health and even lose weight. You are providing yourself with a convenient way to increase protein intake, which is useful due to protein is what your body uses to make muscles, make neurotransmitters and repair your wounds.

However, not all protein shakes are made the same and if you are going to get the most benefits from it, you need to choose wisely. Continue to read on and I will tell you how to get most benefits from your protein shakes by choosing the right protein foods and turning them into great tasting smoothie.

Protein Types

If you buy ready-made protein shakes, you will have many different options to choose from. The choices can be whey protein, casein protein, egg protein or soy protein to name a few!

Now if you are vegan, your best option for protein is whey protein.  This is because whey that is a by-product of the cheese-making process is completely natural and healthy with the ability to be absorbed very easily into the body. Whey is bioavailable compared to soy or casein and cost less than eggs.

There is one exception to this rule, that is casein is more useful when choosing a shake to drink before bed. This is because casein absorbs slowly, providing a steady release of its amino acids that your body can use to build muscle throughout the night while you sleep.

You can also find that protein shakes come in different mixtures. It can be in all manner of flavors and with lots of different added ingredients like creatine.

I recommend the best thing to do is find a protein shake that is pure whey with nothing extra added. This will cost way less and can be sourced cheaply if you want to add them. However, this means you will not get lots of carbs, sugars and fats added to your drink so you will be building more muscle and less fat!

Now we going to add them to a nice smoothie!


Making Your Smoothie

Plan whey is not a very tasteful drink, the good news is that you can fix that by adding it to a smoothie and include your own desired flavors in form of bananas, strawberries, and various other fruit ingredients. The idea here is to think about the flavor but also the health benefits that you want to achieve from your smoothie drink.

You can add whole milk to help improve absorption and testosterone production for instance. Add strawberries to get vitamin C and antioxidants or avocado for more healthy fats and some extra protein. All of this will go down more smoothly, along with providing extra health benefits along with being cheaper. You can go with basic stuff and make your own mix; it is really the only way to make the most of your smoothie shake.

Look at these Easy Smoothie Recipes

Banana, Avocado and Spinach Smoothie provided by


This recipe is perfect you do not like Avocado or Spinach, as the banana covers up the bitter taste of the avocado and spinach.

Superfood Berry-Green Smoothie is another favorite of mine to cover up the taste of spinach. The recipe is a meal-sized breakfast smoothie that will keep you feeling full until lunch without snacking and is high in antioxidants, fiber, protein, and vitamin C.

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